WPC 2014: Your opportunities and resources

It was delightful to meet so many of you in Washington, DC during the 2014 Worldwide Partner Conference a couple of weeks ago. I hope you had a successful, productive, and fun time there, and that you left the event energized and ready to move forward in this mobile-first, cloud-first world.

To help you keep track of the many announcements and resources that were released leading up to and during the conference, I’ve put together a list that includes links to where you can get more information about each topic.

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Announcements and your opportunities

“The [cloud] sales cycle doesn’t stop until we get deployment, usage, and consumption.” – Kevin Turner, Day 1 Vision Keynote

Where to watch keynotes and sessions on demand

“So I wanted to start with a big thank you. I have worked in so many products throughout my 22 years at Microsoft. And there's been one thing constant about this: They have pretty much all been partner led. That is at the core of what we have done as a company. We've always built products and experiences that lend themselves for this great partner model of ours and this great ecosystem.” – Satya Nadella, Day 3 Vision Keynote


  • WPC 2014 Vision Keynotes featuring Phil Sorgen, Satya Nadella, Kevin Turner, and other executives are available on demand on the Digital WPC website.
  • Keynote Screenshot - Jenni IntroductionThe WPC 2014 US Keynote featuring Jenni Flinders, Judson Althoff, and partner, customer, and  industry guests is available on the US Partner Community YouTube channel. Also, read our companion blog post, on the future of the cloud for partners.
  • WPC 2014 session recordings are available on WPC Connect to conference attendees in Sessions > Session Resources. For non-attendees, go to Content > Videos or Content > Documents. 

Registration is open for WPC 2015

Register early for WPC 2015 - July 2014It’s never too early to start thinking about the next WPC! WPC 2015 will be in Orlando, Florida from July 12–16. Early registration is open now—for a limited time only, pay $1,695 for your all access pass.

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  1. Patrick Quinn says:

    I am looking for the exam discounts that were offered at WPC. Must buy before 8/31 and be used by 12/31.
    Any help with a link or phone number please.

  2. brad says:

    Is there a way to watch the videos without agreeing to contacts of my MS Live account to be opened up to the WPC connect?

  3. Hi Brad – That is the way the site currently works. You may contact the worldwide team that manages WPC Connect by email at wwpartnerconference@microsoft.crgevents.com to inquire whether there are other options. – Diane

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