Road to WPC 2014: Preview of US Partner Activities

Jenni%20Flinders%202010%2001_jpgby Jenni Flinders, Vice President, Microsoft US Partner Group

This time of year is an especially busy time at Microsoft and, for me, one of the most exciting. Not only are we closing out our current fiscal year and preparing for the next steps we take as a company, but we’re busy putting the final details together for the 2014 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July. Every year, I look forward to connecting with all of our amazing partners and sharing our vision for the channel at this event.

Although WPC 2014 isn’t for another few weeks, my team has been hard at work to ensure that you—as a Microsoft US partner—have the best experience possible. I want you to be as excited about WPC as I am, and I have put together a short video that gives you an advance look at what we have planned for you. From conference venue details, to the People for Innovation event and the always fun US Partner Celebration (hint: we’re soaring to new heights this year), you’ll get the inside look at what is going to make Washington, DC one of our best conferences yet!

Twitter_coolgrey11Check out the video, share it with your colleagues and fellow partners, and connect with me on Twitter @Jenni_Flinders to share what you’re most looking forward to at WPC 2014—I’ll see you there!

Learn how to stay informed about US partner activities at WPC 2014.

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    Jenni: How does an enterprise software provider, delivering a pure .NET solution operating on Azure, get the attention of Microsoft? Our solutions can drive hundred-of thousands or millions in Microsoft software and services. Please have someone contact
    me at

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