Microsoft Partner Case Study: Nimbo and Mimeo – cloud solutions brought to life

Each day, I am inspired by the great work that Microsoft partners bring to customers and their ability to market and differentiate themselves from one another through their competencies, employees, and entrepreneurial spirit. Microsoft partner, Nimbo, a cloud services provider that specializes in application migration, hybrid cloud, and custom application development, embodied this sentiment by creating a scalable solution quickly, all while maintaining a level of service to the client.

imageMimeo, a provider of online printing services, wanted a solution that could handle a heavier workload and integrate data from a new customer that wanted to submit orders using the electronic data interchange (EDI) standard.

imageTogether, Mimeo and Nimbo worked together to develop a solution that provided a flexible, highly scalable integration platform that was capable of converting large volumes of data from virtually any application. The solution included enterprise resource planning systems, into the XML format used by Mimeo.

With a solution based on Windows Azure BizTalk Services, Mimeo has gained multiple benefits including increased revenues by $8 million by using cloud-based services to handle EDI orders, with just one major contract.

I encourage you to read the case study and watch the short, animated infographic that captures this  example of partner excellence and how Nimbo embodied the entrepreneurial spirit by demonstrating the art of the possible.


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  1. Dhanabal Ayyenperumal says:

    I think Mimeo and Nimbo will get great growth in future.

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