MEC Webcast Series: Experience the Possible

imageThe “Experience the Possible” webcast series is a live, weekly event that showcases the business value of the Microsoft productivity platform, including Microsoft Office 365, through the lens of common, everyday scenarios. This newest addition to the Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) portfolio complements its highly-immersive, facilitated in-person sessions and MEC Demo options. By viewing these presentations, you can improve your MEC presentation skills, and you may also want to invite your customers to watch these to supplement and reinforce MEC in-person sessions, MEC Demo, and sales conversations.

Each webcast is a 30-minute session that includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the webcast’s topic utilizing Microsoft Office 365, presentation, and Q&A. Previously held webcasts are available on demand.

Schedule and Registration Links

On Demand (originally broadcast October 24) – Get a Head Start: Get a Jumpstart and Stay Ahead with Your Phone

On Demand (originally broadcast October 31) – Get a Head Start: Make the Most of Your Applications

November 7 – Stay Organized: Take Less Time Handling Your Inbox and Calendar

November 14 – Stay Organized: Gain More Insights from Data

November 21 – Rally the Team: Make the Most of Your Company Intranet

December 5 – Rally the Team: Experience the Benefits of Enterprise Social

December 12 – Rally the Team: Prepared in Case of Audits or Legal Issues

December 19 – Gain Key Insights: Track and Optimize Your Resources and Projects Effectively

Coming in 2014 (tentative schedule)

January 2 – Gain Key Insights: Transform Data into Insights that Drive Results

January 9 – Work from Anywhere: Maintain Streamlined Processes Through Workflows and Document Sets

January 16 – Work from Anywhere: Communicate and Collaborate Effectively from Anywhere

January 23 – Work from Anywhere: Co-Author Shared Deliverables with Ease

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