Bring the Productivity Story Alive for Customers with MEC

by Benjamin Wolf, Microsoft Office Division Product Manager and MEC Program Lead

imageAs part of the Office Team in the Microsoft US subsidiary, I get to work with great people, products, and programs like the Microsoft Experience Center, or MEC. Firmly established as our premier productivity platform selling motion in the enterprise, the MEC offers in-person, hands-on experiences that win over business professionals, differentiate Microsoft from the competition, and strongly contribute to closing business. 

We’ve long realized that while effective, the Microsoft Experience Center model is also resource-intensive and time-intensive. It doesn’t scale or make sense for all customers, locations, and situations. For that reason, we’ve begun building a community of Microsoft partners that are qualified to deliver these in-person, hands-on experiences.

Partners interested in delivering these immersive, hands-on sessions are invited to join the MEC Community. On the MPN portal page for MEC, you will find information about the necessary qualifications, on-boarding processes, and the program requirements.

In addition to building the MEC Community, we are developing a range of immersive experiences that scale to meet the demands of the broader market and help more partners tell our platform story to more customers of all sizes. The time-intensive, resource-intensive, and in-person nature of MEC isn’t always possible and may not always make financial sense for customers and partners. Utilizing that same, winning, formula of day-in-the-life scenarios used in in-person MEC sessions, we created MEC Demo.

In MEC Demo, the day-in-the-life scenarios are condensed to short demo scripts (about 5 to 7 minutes), and MEC Demo uses a Microsoft Office 365 E3 Trial tenant that’s loaded with the same rich, but fictitious, “Contoso” data, personas, and reports to give Microsoft partners the means to quickly pick up, learn, and share the Microsoft productivity platform vision with customers.

All members of the Microsoft Partner Network may sign up for and utilize MEC Demo. If you haven’t tried it yet as a way to engage your customers in a rich conversation about the power of Microsoft Office 365, I encourage you to learn more about MEC Demo today. Thousands of Microsoft partners are using this demo platform as a key lever to drive business with a broader set of customers, in new locations and on the go.

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