Cloud 1-2-3 Webcast Series: Sales, Marketing, and Technical Content to Build Your Practice

imageBuild your cloud business by watching the on-demand webcasts in this series. These presentations include sales, marketing, and technical content that will help you understand the cloud opportunity and Microsoft cloud solutions, drive demand and close sales, and increase your migration and deployment expertise.

Whether you are just starting your cloud practice and working on your first couple of deals, have a few transactions under your belt and are ready to increase your business, or have an established cloud practice, you’ll find the content in these webcasts useful.

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Level 100 – Get Started in the Cloud

Mastering the Office 365 SKU Lineup 
Watch on demand

  • Learn about Office 365 Open and Full Packaged Product, and the differences between Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise, Midsize Business, and Small Business Premium SKUs
  • Map the right Office 365 solution to your customer’s needs
  • Determine which Microsoft Online Services licensing model—Open or Advisor—is best for you and your customer
  • More about Microsoft Office 365

Showcase the Power of Office and Office 365 to Your Customers
Watch on demand

  • imageLearn how to communicate the value proposition of the new Office and Office 365 and encourage customers to move from older versions
  • Find out how the new Office and Office 365 increase productivity for customers over older versions
  • See a demonstration of how to use the Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) Demo Tool

Jumpstart Your Office 365 Practice (Part 1)
Watch on demand

  • Learn why you should enroll in Microsoft Cloud Essentials, and how to activate your benefits, including internal-use licenses and delegated administration
  • Find out why you should work with a Microsoft authorized cloud distributor, and how to align to one

Jumpstart Your Office 365 Practice (Part 2)
Watch on demand

  • Learn to use lead generation and how to manage your customers to upsell and reduce churn
  • Understand how to invite your customers using trials, and increase sales by using trial syndication
  • Find out how to align yourself as the partner of record

Office 365 Open Licensing: You Bill, We Deliver
Watch on demand

  • Starting September 1, Office 365 Enterprise SKUs (Office 365 ProPlus, E1 plan, E3 plan, Exchange Online, and Exchange Online Protection) will be available to customers through Open programs. Download and read the FAQ.
  • Learn best practices for qualifying prospects, how to order these solutions, how to align with distribution, and how to make money with this licensing option

Level 200 – Build Your Practice

Driving Demand for Your Cloud Practice
Watch on demand

  • Learn how to use Ready-to-Go Marketing and Microsoft Community Connections to target your existing customers and prospects
  • Understand how to reach new customers through your local community and drive attendance to your events
  • Discover how to use web syndication and digital media to create demand for your services

Office 365 Deployment Migration and Management Best Practices
Watch on demand

  • Get an overview of the built-in Microsoft migration tools and third-party deployment options for transitioning your customers to Office 365
  • Learn how to move your fileserver to SharePoint and hear expert tips for choosing the right time for this

Expert Tips to Upsell Your Existing Office 365 Customers
Watch on demand

  • Learn how to upsell your existing Office 365 customers to increase the number of licenses within their organizations
  • Understand how to profile, manage, and retain your customers, drive cross-sell around anniversary dates, and encourage customers to consider more robust plans like E3, which includes Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Find out what customer-ready resources are available to help you have a productive and meaningful upsell conversation and close the deal

Tech Dive into SharePoint Online (Part 1)
Watch on demand

  • Get a technically oriented look into SharePoint Online and understand how it can help your customers reduce cost and complexity
  • Understand how to demonstrate common out-of-the-box projects that you can provide for customers
  • Topics: Excel BI in SharePoint, external sharing sites, InfoPath web forms, simple SharePoint Designer Workflows, corporate intranets

Expand Your Cloud Practice Beyond Office 365 with Windows Azure
Watch on demand

  • Learn about the new Windows Azure services for SMB customers and the associated partner benefits
  • Topics: Azure VMs (infrastructure as a service); Azure websites, Azure backup service, and Azure database
  • Find out how partners are extending Active Directory into the cloud
  • More about Windows Azure

Level 300 – Close More Deals

Tech Dive into the Office 365 Migration Tool, Directory Sync, and the Office Deployment Tool
Watch on demand

  • Get a hands-on demonstration of Office deployment using the Office Deployment Tool, and demos of Office on Demand, Office Web App, and Office for iOS
  • Hear answers to frequently asked questions from partners about deployment
  • Learn about Office 365 Admin Portal Migration Tool, Directory Sync, and third-party deployment tools

Tech Dive into Office 365 Voice Options with Lync
Watch on demand

  • Learn about the voice offerings that integrate with Office 365, including Hosted Lync (Workspace, Connect Solutions, and Chinook), Lync Server, and Lync Appliance (StartReady)
  • Review the Lync product roadmap and hear about options for audio-conferencing providers

Tech Dive into SharePoint Online (Part 2)
Watch on demand 

Learn how to create customer master pages, advanced workflows, and custom apps using SharePoint Online through demonstrations and best practices

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