The New Microsoft Devices Program: Bringing Surface Through the Commercial Channel

Small Profile picAt the start of the calendar year, I challenged each of you to name yourself “Entrepreneur in Chief” of your organization, harnessing the power we each possess as an innovative thinker.

So, when Brian Hall, general manager of Microsoft Surface, came to me and said, “Jenni, Surface is ready to come through the channel, and you have an innovative partner ecosystem that can sell Surface to organizations of all sizes," I knew that our partners and the US Partner Team were ready to make this a reality.

I am very excited to announce that today marks the launch of our Microsoft Devices Program. This two-tier program establishes Ingram Micro, Inc., SYNNEX Corporation, and Tech Data Corporation as our inaugural device authorized distributors to sell Surface to a newly designated group of device authorized commercial resellers. Today, these resellers include CDW, CompuCom Systems, Inc., En Pointe Technologies, Insight Enterprises, Inc., PC Connection, Inc., PCM, Inc., Softchoice, Softmart, SHI International Corp., and Zones Inc. Our distributors and resellers are fully engaged and ready to deliver compelling solutions with Microsoft devices, including Surface, to their respective commercial customers.

This program greatly expands the reach of the Microsoft devices-and-services strategy, extending our family of devices enabled by cloud services to more organizations. We look forward to working closely with our Microsoft Devices Program partners to better serve their commercial customers. As we move quickly into future phases of this program, we will begin activating more partners to sell Microsoft devices.

To learn more about our device strategies and what it means to be an “Entrepreneur in Chief” in the era of innovation, I encourage all of our partners to attend Worldwide Partner Conference. In the meantime, interested partners can also sign up to stay up to date about how you can be a part of future phases of the Microsoft Devices Program. For more details about Surface in business, visit

Jenni Flinders
Vice President, US Partner Group, Microsoft Corporation

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  1. Ken says:

    I saw this platform. It's 'very iteresting with many functions. congratulations!

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  5. Ricardo Rocha says:

    This is not an "Entrepreneur in Chief" move at all, how can you even dear to use those words?. This is actually a slap on the face to the whole Microsoft Partner Community. So it seems to me that Microsoft uses its partners when ever is convenient for Microsoft only….I think Microsoft is missing out on this move.

  6. Hannes Preishuber says:

    biggest failure was "Surface RT" for consumers only. So looking hopefull for "Surface RT and Pro" for all. Taking the established channels you have and dont reinvent a chunky copy of some fruits company.

    The last issue is rollout- If you give sideloading licenses for Surface, you will win a lot of Business consumers. As I believe tablets are devices for consuming and communication and not for contribution.

  7. Kelvin Kirby says:

    Hi Jenni,   Whilst I agree this is a great start, forgive me if I would suggest that this does not really go far enough. Enabling the distribution channel is fair enough, but I would hope that Microsoft has the foresight to open up the sale of Surface devices to all Microsoft partners.  I would expect that this be on a trial basis and that partners committed to sell would gain a "Surface competency" at some point in the next six months.  Just like software, now Microsoft is a devices company, those products should be available to be sold through the entire MPN channel. Surface has been around for a while now and the release of Surface Pro is the perfect opportunity to open this up to the channel that is desperate to sell these devices along with Windows 8. Procrastination on this is more likely to drive partners to sell other devices from other vendors supporting Windows 8. so whilst this is a sold base to sell windows 8, it means that partners not yet able to sell Surface will sell other competing hardware in which Windows 8 runs. It also means that customers are not getting the best device (typically) because Surface Pro is an awesome device !   Why deny most partners the opportunity to sell it ?   Especially as those attending WPC next week will almost certainly take advantage of the discounted sales of Surface devices and will be ready to evangelise the platform.   Or am I pre-empting an announcement next week perhaps ?? 🙂

  8. Bill Hole says:

    Hi Jenni,

    Exciting news indeed.  When will that disti pool include D&H?



  9. Insight Enterprise, Inc also serves US Public Sector Federal, State, Local and Education.  We're onboard!  Reading up on TAA compliance for the new devices, otherwise good to go!

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