The best is yet to come…find out why at WPC 2013!

By Peter K. Han, Microsoft Vice President of US OEM

imageOn the heels of Windows 8, Office 2013 and Office 365, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server 2012 and several other significant product releases and updates, how can you cap off the most significant launch year in Microsoft history? By attending this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), our premier partner event, and learning how to keep the tremendous momentum we’ve achieved going.

The best is truly ahead of us. Over the next year, Microsoft will present your business with more incredible ways to grow and fulfill your potential as a partner. By its nature, our industry demands that we continually improve and progress, and this year’s WPC can provide you with insights and information that will help your business align with the trajectory Microsoft set this last year.

Working closely with our OEMs in the ecosystem, I know they are capitalizing on the device design and build opportunities presented by the new generation of solutions we rolled out this year. I also know that they have big plans for ongoing innovation around devices that enable Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. As a result, it’s critical that all partners hear about the latest devices in order to generate customer enthusiasm, innovate around complementary offerings, and form mutually beneficial relationships with others in the Microsoft Partner Network. WPC 2013 can help you do all these things.

Your next great device design or practice area concept could quite possibly stem from attending! Sessions cover the four pivotal areas of concentration for Microsoft: devices and mobility, big data, cloud and enterprise social. Whether you’re already registered for the conference, or aren’t yet but want to better understand how it can help you meet your objectives, check out the WPC session catalog to start building a successful event plan for yourself and your team.

In addition to sessions that share our vision, solution details, and trend insights, WPC is unmatched in its power to connect you with executives and other partners to learn and draw inspiration. Mark these WPC networking events on your calendar:

  • US OEM Reception on Monday, July 8, 6:00PM–7:00PM at the Four Seasons
  • US OEM State of the Business and Awards Dinner on Monday, July 8, 7:30PM–9:30PM at the Four Seasons
  • US Partner Celebration on Tuesday, July 9, 7:00PM–9:00PM at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (stop by the US Lounge on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday to pick up your wristband for entry)

Regardless of your line of business, our next year together can be an era of unparalleled partner sales success, fueled by marketplace excitement about our new products and services—and your initiative.

I look forward to seeing you in Houston, energized to take full advantage of a new fiscal year of growth opportunities.

Register for WPC and use the US Partner’s Guide to a Great WPC 2013 to plan your attendance.

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