Get expert technical advice for your Windows 8 deployments and implementations

imageIf your company has a Microsoft competency, a Microsoft Action Pack Develop and Design subscription, or membership in Cloud Accelerate, your Microsoft Partner Network benefits include access to personalized advisory services from experienced Microsoft technical consultants.

Apply your Partner Advisory Hours to these services and get the help you need to compete more effectively and implement more reliable deployments. You will receive one-on-one guidance and support from Microsoft consultants that help you save time, mitigate risks effectively, and follow best practices. Other ideas for using your hours are in our blog post, Top 5 ways to use your Partner Advisory Hours.

Specific to Windows 8, here are three common scenarios that our Microsoft consultants encounter when working with partners.

Scenario #1: Migration from Windows XP to Windows 8

Windows XP will no longer be supported after April 8, 2014, which provides a significant opportunity for Microsoft partners.

Watch the Windows 8 Deployment and Migration video to learn how to migrate a Windows XP machine to Windows 8 using free tools.

Scenario #2: Security and Maintenance – Endpoint security in BYOD scenarios

Security is one of the biggest concerns in bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios. While providing access to corporate data and tools to employees, it is equally critical to ensure security against any kind of data loss or unauthorized access to the corporate environment.

Watch the Planning for Security in BYOD Scenarios video to learn how to build conversations and solution finding for your customers.

Scenario #3: Data Protection – Planning and administration using Active Directory Rights Management Services

Information Rights Management (IRM) is one of the most demanded features by customers due to various compliance requirements. As it is evolving to offer wider support for file types and devices, through Software Development Kit (SDK) and the introduction of Azure Active Directory (AD) rights management services, there are new things to learn to better consult your customers on IRM solutions.

Watch the Data Protection: Planning and administration using ADRMS video to help design and deploy a solution for your customers.


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