WPC 2013: Add US sessions to your conference schedule

imageNow that you can start building your conference schedule in WPC Connect, here is an updated list of the sessions in the U.S. Subsidiary track. Each session in the list below is linked to its description in the publicly available Session Catalog, and I’ve noted the day of each session for reference. 

To add sessions to your WPC schedule, follow the steps below. A more comprehensive guide is downloadable from the main WPC Connect page.

  1. Sign in to WPC Connect and click on your Session & Meeting Scheduler tile (this will only be visible to you if you are a registered attendee).
  2. Select the Session Scheduler tile, and then choose to filter sessions on the right hand side.
  3. Refine by Tracks, and choose U.S. Subsidiary from the drop-down list, then click Apply to turn on your filter. You can close the filter menu by moving your mouse to its top right corner and clicking Close.
  4. All the tiles in your screen should now start with U.S. Subsidiary. By clicking on any session tile to open it, you will see the session title, number, date/time/location, and description. Select “Add to my schedule” from the left side of the pop up, and you’ll get a notification that the session has been added. image
  5. While you’re in the session screen, you can Show Attendees to see who else has added that session to his or her schedule, you can find a list of Related Sessions, and you can Like and Comment about the session. Close the session details and add more sessions to your schedule.

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US Subsidiary Track – Session List

US01 Game Changers in the US Application Ecosystem Monday, with repeat on Thursday 
US03 Secrets of a Successful US Windows Azure Partner Monday
US04 Bigger Wins, Shorter Sales Cycles, Consistent Results in the US: Get MEC Monday
US30t Increase Your Office 365 Profitability and Competitive Position in the US with Help from 365 Command Monday
(20-minute theater session)
US05 Accelerate Your US Customers of Office 365 Tuesday
US06 Development Platforms US Community Update: Modern Apps and the Partner Opportunity Tuesday
US07 Beyond the Breakeven – Building a Successful US Cloud Business Tuesday
US08 Driving Your Lync Business: the US Go-to-Market Program for Lync Partners Tuesday
US12 A Guided Tour of US Partner Programs and the Resources that Keep You Informed Tuesday, with repeat on Thursday
US29 New Perspectives on US Partnering
Presented by Howard Cohen and the IAMCP US
US31t Generating Demand in the US with Microsoft Ready-to-Go Marketing  Tuesday
(20-minute theater session)
US34t Getting Social in the US
Presented by Dux Raymond Sy of Innovative-e
(20-minute theater session)
US09 Delivering Solutions and Driving Revenue with Enterprise Social in the US Wednesday
US10 Windows in the US: What You Really Need to Know Wednesday
US13 Discover the US Business Opportunity in Selling Microsoft Dynamics Solutions in Public Sector Wednesday
US32t SharePoint on Windows Azure: Real Insights from a Partner on the Front Lines Wednesday
(20-minute theater session)
US33t Game Changes in the US: Go Mobile Wednesday
(20-minute theater session)
US16 The Evolution of the Microsoft US Learning Partner and Priorities Thursday
US01R Game Changers in the US Application Ecosystem Thursday (repeat of Monday session)
US15 US Managed Windows Azure Partner Community Kickoff Thursday
US17 US Partner Roundtable: Practical Big Data Discussion Thursday
US18 Growing and Expanding Your Lync Practice in the US Thursday
US21 Microsoft Office 365 Education: Tens of Millions of US Students Connecting with Partner Apps and Services Thursday
US22 Ahead of the Curve—Staying a Step Ahead of Industry Evolution by Taking Your US Cloud Practice to the Next Level Thursday
US23 Selling Private Cloud Solutions: Seven Tips All US Hosting Companies Need to Know Thursday
US24 How US Partners Can Monetize Windows Azure IaaS Thursday
US28 Best Practices for Enterprise Partnering Thursday
US12R A Guided Tour of US Partner Programs and the Resources that Keep You Informed Thursday (repeat of Tuesday session)
US14 & US19

SMB Keynote and Session

Keynote by Cindy Bates, featuring special guest, David Nour:
Winning and Growing in the US SMB Relationship Era
The keynote is followed by the SMB session:
US SMB Partner Playbook
US25, US26, US27 Regional Keynotes
East Region Keynote

Central Region Keynote

West Region Keynote

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