Small changes to your Microsoft Pinpoint profile can yield big results

by Julie Golding, U.S. MPN Lead

Julie Golding 2011A core benefit of your Microsoft competency is prioritized exposure and competency designation on Microsoft Pinpoint, our online marketplace where prospective customers can find your company and solutions. More than 20 percent of Pinpoint visitors become viable prospects.

If you haven’t taken a look at your Pinpoint profile recently, it’s probably a good time to give it a spring cleaning to spruce it up and ensure it accurately reflects your business, particularly if you have updated your solutions to incorporate the latest Microsoft releases this past year. More about the benefits of Pinpoint.image

The Pinpoint Partner Center has a simple checklist you can follow to optimize your listing and reach customers who need your specific expertise. Changes you can make to your profile that will have a positive impact include adding industry-specific words and keywords that customers use when searching on Pinpoint. And, don’t forget to update the names of the competencies you have earned—names may have been updated in November, and you may even have new competencies to tout. Here are some things you’ll find on the Pinpoint Partner Center:

New to Pinpoint? Use the Pinpoint Partner Center to:

  • Walk through the profile guidelines and understand how to create a great first impression with your Pinpoint profile;
  • See an example of a well-written Company Overview and use the suggested format for crafting yours;
  • Get answers to the questions most frequently asked by partners.

Already on Pinpoint? Use the Pinpoint Partner Center to:

Either way, I encourage you to invest a few minutes and find out how you can make Pinpoint an effective component of your demand generation activities.

For more tips about promoting your competency to customers, check out our online guide, and you can find more competency related blog posts at

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  1. NaveenS says:

    look the computer solution east company

    all the things in ur article ever perfectly achieved by them and not only that they are number no1 in their respective competency(certificates, review) compared to their competitors……ur article is too general can u please tell y they are not number no 1 in volume licensing  

  2. s.mcknight says:

    Thank You for this little reminder…I must tend to this this very week.

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