Accelerate your cloud sales—register for a Microsoft Cloud Fast-Track Boot Camp

imageJoin Microsoft cloud experts and your local Microsoft team for a one-day training that will help you accelerate your cloud sales using demo tools, customer campaigns, and shared best practices. You will learn about partner opportunities with the new Office and how to successfully demo Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Intune for productive customer conversations. This training is offered at no cost to members of the Microsoft Partner Network.

This boot camp is for you if:

  • You are in the beginning phases of adding a cloud practice to your business;
  • You have established a cloud practice and are working to close your first sale;
  • You have a couple of Microsoft Online Services deals under your belt and want to multiply your opportunities.

What we’ll cover

  • Cloud opportunity update
  • The new Office and its value to your business
  • Microsoft Office 365 – new offerings and sales models
  • Windows Intune – enhancements and new opportunities
  • How to demo and position Office 365 and Windows Intune
  • Best practices for building your cloud sales pipeline
  • Best practices for creating demand with customers and prospects
  • Guidance and tools to manage your Microsoft cloud customers and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities

You’ll leave the boot camp with an Action Checklist tailored to your business.


Schedule – dates and cities

January 28 Boston, Massachusetts
January 30 Farmington, Connecticut
February 19 Detroit, Michigan
February 19 Omaha, Nebraska
February 20 Des Moines, Iowa
February 20 Nashville, Tennessee
February 20 Tempe, Arizona
February 21 Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 4 Washington, D.C.
March 5 Portland, Oregon
March 7 Bellevue, Washington
March 7 Chicago, Illinois
March 8 New York, New York
March 12 Houston, Texas
March 13 Dallas, Texas
March 13 San Francisco, California
March 13 Tampa, Florida
March 14 Charlotte, North Carolina
March 15 Irvine, California

Register for the boot camp nearest you on the Partner Learning Center.


imageCloud-related resources for Microsoft partners are available on our Cloud Partner programs page. There, you’ll find out how to: enroll in our Cloud Essentials and Cloud Accelerate programs; obtain and deploy internal-use software benefits; drive demand and sell/service; and get support and training.

Comments (9)
  1. Yume says:

    Hi, great stuff. Can there be an online training version of this created?

  2. Gordon Hudson says:

    Are you planning a trip to Hawaii.  We get very little and have a lot of need for this type of show.

  3. Michelle Walls says:

    Allan, these events are located in the US.

  4. Michelle Walls says:

    Jim, the Irvine CA event is now listed, you can register here:

  5. Michelle Walls says:

    Alanna, the cloud team visited Georgia in October and March and try to vary the locations we hit each series. Thank you for your interest in attending, and we'll note Orlando for future events.

  6. Allan White says:

    Looking for Canadian effect, west coast

  7. Jim Bisesi says:

    I went to register for March 15th in Irvine, CA and it is not listed. What's up?

  8. Alanna Galiano says:

    How come there is no Southeast location for training such as Atlanta, or Orlando which are major cities?

  9. s.mcknight says:

    I am most gratefull for these training pro-offred to the partner community…I am registered for this activity in March in Bellevue. Educate…Innovate…Inspire…Cloud forward.

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