Ready-to-Go Marketing: Use web syndication to build credibility with your customers

by Balbir Singh, Sr. Marketing Manager, Ready-to-Go Marketing

Tired of constantly updating your website to be in sync with information about Microsoft products and technologies? Looking for an easy way to maintain your site with the latest information for your customers and prospects?

imageThe Ready-to-Go Marketing team is making it easier for you to market your business. Web Syndication is a free service for Microsoft partners that helps you dynamically deliver compelling, customer-facing content on your own website. Not only is it quick and easy, but it lets you save money while generating valuable leads. Ultimately, syndicated content helps you build credibility with your customers as you partner with Microsoft and share consistent messaging across your website.

Whatever you need, we have online marketing content to help make it possible.


Start syndicating today in five easy steps

  1. Visit the Syndication section of the Ready-to-Go Marketing site:
  2. Select your content and banner size
  3. Add your company contact information
  4. Click the ‘Generate’ code button
  5. Copy and paste the syndication script on your site

imageFor assistance, contact the RTG support team by email at

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  1. New User says:

    How did you put it onto WordPress? Need support

  2. Very nice! Thank you for sharing how you are using this great resource. – Diane

  3. I have included several Syndication content on my home page of

    I really like the ability to rotate banners of several syndication feeds!

    I also built my web site on Azure web sites and my blog using WordPress on Azure. My email and SharePoint is on Office 365, and  I use Skydrive to create backups of my content.

    My skies are not cloudy :}

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