New Microsoft Collaboration and Content competency unifies MPN membership for Microsoft SharePoint-focused partners

by Julie Golding, U.S. MPN Lead

Julie Golding 2011

The new Microsoft Collaboration and Content competency is for Microsoft partners that develop, deploy, and support solutions built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. In November, the Portals and Collaboration, Content Management, and Search competencies were combined into this new competency to make it easier and more cost effective for SharePoint-focused partners to broaden their business helping customers realize the full value of their SharePoint investment. Partners who had any of these competencies, or the Digital Marketing competency, as of mid-November were automatically transitioned to the Microsoft Collaboration and Content competency.

As part of the latest competency updates, the Digital Marketing competency was re-launched to include all Microsoft digital marketing and advertising solutions. If you were active in the Digital Marketing competency and would like to be a part of both the new Collaboration and Content competency and the re-launched Digital Marketing competency, contact Microsoft Partner Network support. To retain the Digital Marketing competency, you will need to pass the new requirements before your next membership renewal date. image

About the new Collaboration and Content competency

With more than 125 million licenses sold, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular server products in Microsoft history. The Microsoft Collaboration and Content competency can help you take advantage of the growing services opportunity around SharePoint by demonstrating your ability to offer solutions that connect teams, improve access to information, and increase productivity.

Exams and certifications for SharePoint 2013 are now starting to be released (MCSE: SharePoint Certification Overview), and new exams will be added as options to the Collaboration and Content competency requirements soon. We are also releasing an updated sales assessment. Use the Collaboration and Content learning path to get an at-a-glance view of the competency exam and assessment requirements and associated training, and watch for updates. image

Save on Practice Tests and Certification Exams that Meet Competency Requirements


Preparing to renew your competency?

imageMany U.S. partners with competencies have membership renewal dates that will occur in the next several weeks. Keep your benefits and your distinction of being among the top 5% of Microsoft partners by renewing your competency on time. The U.S. MPN Experts team offers consultation services to help you understand what requirements you need to fulfill and your progress against them. Contact them by email, phone, or chat.

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