Your Action Pack: IT pro and developer resources for Windows 8

by Julie Golding, U.S. MPN Lead

Julie Golding 2011

Each month in the U.S. partner newsletter, Julie Golding delivers a message to Microsoft Action Pack Solution Provider (SP) and Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design (DD) subscribers, offering information about growth and engagement opportunities and tips for utilizing the benefits of the subscription. As the U.S. lead for the Microsoft Partner Network, Julie is responsible for Microsoft competencies and Action Pack subscriptions.

With the release of Windows 8 just a few days away, here are my recommendations for resources to help partner IT pros and developers prepare for the new hardware, application, and services opportunities Windows 8 will bring. Don’t forget that Action Pack subscribers have access to download and use Windows 8 software now, as part of your software benefits. If you’re not an Action Pack subscriber, get details and find out how to subscribe.

imageIT Pros


  • Get started with the Windows Dev Center.
  • Bring your Windows 8 application idea to life in just 30 days with Generation App. Sign up and take advantage of these benefits:
    • Design guidance from a Windows 8 expert. Review your app design with a Windows 8 expert, and receive guidance on how to create a stunning user experience with your app.
    • Technical guidance from a Windows 8 expert. Review your app specifications with a Windows 8 architect to help you take advantage of the unique Windows 8 features.
    • Get ready for the Windows Store. Receive expert help from a Microsoft services engineer in a comprehensive review of your application, and learn how you can submit your app for the prerelease of the Windows 8 Store.

imageWe’ve compiled an online guide for partners to help you prepare for Windows 8 and take advantage of Microsoft Partner Network benefits like training. In addition to more technical training and resources like what I’ve noted above, you’ll find links to build your product knowledge, get sales and licensing personnel trained, create demand for your Windows 8 solutions, and more.



You can read the October 19 issue of the U.S. partner news online at, and read previous Action Pack-related blog posts at

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