How to Prepare for Windows 8

imageA couple of months ago, I published an online guide for partners to help you prepare for all of the product releases we have planned this year. That post has been updated a couple of times as we passed launch milestones for Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 in September. Many partners have asked me whether there was a similar guide specific to Windows 8. Your wish is my command—I’ve compiled a list of links to the resources available to you that will help you build product knowledge, build apps and devices, get sales and technical training, and begin creating demand for your Windows 8 solutions. I’ll update this list as new information and resources become available: Download our companion slide to this post at

This post was updated 12/29/2012.

Try Windows 8 yourself

Get to know Windows 8

Showcase your company’s expertise and create customer demand

Take advantage of sales, technical, licensing, and business training benefits and opportunities

Sales and licensing training and information

Technical training and information

Build apps

Build devices

Sell licenses

Stay informed through social, blogs, and community

Use your Microsoft Partner Network membership benefits and get product support

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  1. Frank,SINIU/G-e-mail/Solomon Island. says:

    Just want to check the information about the:MCSA:Window 8-exam requirement for exam:687 and 688.

  2. John W. Houriet says:

    Will there be a Windows 8 Launch Event as you have had in the past for the other versions of Windows?

    If so, what is the schedule?


    John W. Houriet

  3. José Barba says:

    Thanks for resources

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