Your Action Pack: Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Available to Download

by Julie Golding, U.S. MPN Lead

Julie Golding 2011

Each month in the U.S. partner newsletter, Julie Golding delivers a message to Microsoft Action Pack Solution Provider (SP) and Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design (DD) subscribers, offering information about growth and engagement opportunities and tips for utilizing the benefits of the subscription. As the U.S. lead for the Microsoft Partner Network, Julie is responsible for Microsoft competencies and Action Pack subscriptions.

It’s an historic year for Microsoft, with nearly every product in the Microsoft portfolio being refreshed in a 12-month period. Windows Server 2012 became generally available on September 4 and Windows 8 will be generally available on October 26. As an Action Pack subscriber, here are resources for each of these exciting products that are available to you now. image

Get ready for Windows 8.

Get up to speed on Windows Server 2012. image

For more information and resources, check out our online guide about how to prepare for upcoming Microsoft product releases.

You can read the September 21 issue of the U.S. partner news online at, and read previous Action Pack-related blog posts at

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  1. MAP Member - Instructions for Windows 8 Enterprise available? says:

    We have just ordered the new i-7 Servers for MS Access 2013 / SQL Server development and plan to use Windows 8 with Office 2013.

    There was a Microsoft Demonstration a couple of months ago. He used Office 8 Enterprise on a portable to run a VM – with SQL Server / Web services and the MS Access development suite all at once.

    For us Solution Provider developer types, is there a MAP set of instructions on how to set this up?

    We are anxious to put the new technology to work. Instructions on a Development suit would be really useful.

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