How to Prepare for Upcoming Microsoft Product Releases

imageIn his Day 3 Vision Keynote at the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in July, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner stated, “Every product in our portfolio is being refreshed in a twelve-month period.” It’s an historic year for Microsoft, the biggest launch year in our history, and an exciting time to be a Microsoft partner.

At Microsoft, the product teams, the Worldwide Partner Group, and the U.S. subsidiary are working together to put in place information and resources that can help you integrate these new products into your business and start talking to customers about how your solutions built on the latest Microsoft products and technologies help meet their needs for efficiency, cost effectiveness, business productivity, and more.


Get to know the products

Showcase your company’s expertise and create customer demand

Take advantage of sales, technical, and business training benefits and opportunities

Sales training and information

Technical training and information

Build apps

Build devices

Prepare to resell licenses

Stay informed through social, blogs, and community

Use your Microsoft Partner Network membership benefits and get product support

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  1. Troyce Leona Tollison says:

    Why does the Microsoft Security not work on my PC?

    Every time I download it, it gets deleted. WHY?

  2. s.mcknight says:

    The yearly update will bring an abundance of oportunities for microsoft and their partner globally.

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