WPC 2012: U.S. Lounge Activities Schedule

imageThe U.S. Lounge at the Worldwide Partner Conference is located in the Solution Innovation Center in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) and is open Monday through Thursday, from 11:30am – 5:30pm. Staffed by members of the Microsoft U.S. Partner Team, the U.S. Lounge offers you opportunities to learn about U.S.-specific programs, campaigns, and initiatives, to meet members of their local Microsoft teams, and even to take a short break to recharge (yourself and your phone!). Here are some of the things you’ll be able to see, hear, and do while visiting the U.S. Lounge.

  • imageDaily Chef Station demonstrations featuring Microsoft guest celebrity chefs (including Jenni Flinders!) preparing Canadian specialties.
  • Presentations by U.S. partners, such as New Signature, winner of the Opportunities for Youth Citizenship Partner of the Year award, and Microsoft U.S. Diversity Spotlight partners Idea Entity, Limbic Systems, and Projility.
  • U.S. Partner collectibles including a cool lanyard for your badge, lapel pins, and regional connection buttons.
  • Sweepstakes for U.S. partners who visit the Lounge, with daily prizes that include an Xbox 360 with Kinect, Microsoft Office 2010, Nokia Lumia 900, and a Windows slate. (Official Rules are posted in the Lounge.)
  • Tech Alley: free Skype calls all week, and hands-on experience with the latest Windows devices, plus an opportunity to preview Windows 8 on a slate.
  • Charging stations for your phone, and Daily Treats for you!
  • Subject-matter experts from across the U.S. Partner Team who can answer questions about programs, incentives, and opportunities related to SMB, Action Pack, competencies, training, Cloud Partner, and more.

In the U.S. Lounge on Wednesday, July 11



  • Meet Projility, a Microsoft Diversity Partner that serves Federal Government customers.

All-Day Activities

  • Get your U.S. flair: lanyard, pins, and buttons
  • Ask to have your badge scanned so you’re entered into our Lounge sweepstakes, (Rules posted in Lounge)
  • Chat with members of the U.S. Partner Program Team and the U.S. Channel Incentives Team
  • Featured  in the SMB Station: Microsoft Store, Ready-to-Go Marketing, Cloud Services, Small Business Competency, Microsoft Customer Connections (MCC), SMB Premier Programs
  • Tech Alley: #smbwhatsnext Game Board
  • Tech Alley: #smbwhatsnext
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
  • Daily Treat: Poutine
  • Tech Alley: Windows Client Team
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
  • Daily Treat: Poutine
  • Tech Alley: Windows Client Team
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
  • Daily Treat: Poutine
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
  • Daily Treat: Poutine
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
  • Mid-Market Station: West Region
5:30pm Close


Check back for the full schedule—we’ll do our best to post updates to it throughout the week as we can. We’ll also keep you informed about the happenings in the U.S. Lounge on the @wpcus Twitter feed, #uslounge.

Your online hub for U.S. activities at WPC is https://aka.ms/usatwpc. There, you can quickly get back to this blog post and see other resources and links.

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