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Posted by Diane Golshan, Managing Editor for U.S. Partner Communications.

ColorDiane%20Golshan_jpg If you saw Jon Roskill’s keynote at last year’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles in person or online, you may recall that he spent time talking about the four key areas in which the Microsoft Partner Network provides resources—Marketing, Training, Internal-Use Software, and Partner Technical Support—and encouraged you to take full advantage of them. During his presentation, Jon commented that we had heard your feedback that finding and utilizing those resources and benefits could be challenging, and noted that his team was working on a new website to help simplify the experience. You may have even had the opportunity to participate in some early usability testing while at WPC.


I am delighted to announce that starting today, there’s a new online destination for partners in the United States. The design, features, and functionality of your new Microsoft partner portal address the most common partner feedback about the partner website, and make it easier to find relevant information and resources as well as get answers to your questions with robust support functionality.

The design of the new partner site is cleaner and more consistent with other Microsoft sites, and uses graphics and links to better organize content and display to you available content. Throughout the site, we recommend links to content relevant to a specific page that are most commonly used by partners or that reflect new or updated information.

My Top Five Favorite New Site Features

While I want to give you an opportunity to visit the site and experience it for yourself, here are a few of my favorite new site features and functionality:

  1. Connection to Microsoft Partner Network support from every site page. At the top of each page, you’ll see “Contact Microsoft Partner Network.” Click “Microsoft Partner Network” and go directly to the Partner Network Support gateway. There, you can use our automated support agent, or connect to a live agent during business hours.
  2. “Downloads” is now a specific section of the site, and accessible from the top bar, making it easy to get to and utilize your software benefits obtained through attaining competencies or purchasing a subscription.
  3. Each of the site categories, listed across the top, has a short menu of the most commonly used information related to that topic. Want to go straight to the Partner Online Technical Communities? Simply click Support, then choose “Support communities” from the menu. Need to pass assessments to attain a competency? In the Training menu, select “Pass assessments” and go straight to that page. Looking for information related to serving public sector customers? From Community, click “Public sector” and see links to Education, Government, Health and Life Sciences.
  4. The Partner Learning Center page (Training > Partner Learning Center) includes a nifty list of the latest training courses and links you directly to them on the Partner Learning Center.
  5. Site search works beautifully, and we have added search within each category, too. I have used both extensively over the past several weeks as we have been working to add U.S.-specific content to the site, and have been really pleased with how accurate the results are. And, if your preferred way to find content is through external search sites like Bing, the site is optimized for that, too.

I hope you will enjoy using the new partner portal, and find that it is a much-improved online experience that lets you get to the information and resources you need to manage your relationship with Microsoft, strengthen your Microsoft practice, and grow your business. Before you head out to the new site (https://aka.ms/uspartner) to check it out, here are a couple of things to know:

  • Confirm that your default partner portal site is the United States site. This link: https://aka.ms/uspartner, will take you directly to the new U.S. home page, but you may want to click at the top of your browser window where it says “United States” and select United States from the locator menu to set this as your default portal.
  • You will have the best experience when you sign in with Windows Live ID. If you have trouble signing in, click “Contact Microsoft Partner Network” at the top of the page to access support.
  • You will still manage your Microsoft Partner Network membership in the Partner Membership Center, but you will find better instructions about what you need to do within the Membership section of the new site. And, support is close at hand, through the Contact Microsoft Partner Network link.

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  1. Levi Spears - Computer Tech Of Tucson says:

    I agree with Tom and Dave And  Bryan above but we should know that it will get fixed if not already .

  2. Bryan McNally says:

    100% agree with Tom and Dave above. The Partner Site is broken and unusable. It took me several *weeks* of trying to renews my MAPS/Action Pack. I can't even log on at all now. Blank "white" pages. Links don't work. I actually wrote MS an email about this two years ago.


  3. Bob Hughes says:

    Still unavailable. I wonder what version of Windows Server they are running. I need to know so I don't make the same mistake!

  4. Josh says:

    When I click on the new link http://aka.ms/uspartner I get an error page, File Not Found.   Is there a new link we should be using?

    I'm a new enrollee and had the same issue with the link from the enrollment email.


  5. Mike Farlow says:

    Well this was fun!  I just spent the past two hours downloading and installing Windows 8 Enterprise Edition.  I received an announcement that it was ready for partner download so we could demo and learn on the real product.  Although nothing on the download software benefits indicates this DO NOT download it!  Only the beta is still there so you will waste a lot of time for no reason.  The real product is not there even though all the communications say it is.  Tech support just confirmed that for me.  AAARRGGHHH!  Hopefully Microsoft will let us know when the product is truly ready for download and not just waste our precious time again.  Who at Microsoft doI bill for this since I could have been doing billable customer work instead of spinning my wheels???

  6. Dave Evans says:

    I can't believe I shelled out almost $400 for the MAPS membership and thanks to wwhatever mess they've made ot it I can't reach any of my downloads now. Needless to say I need them to dem for a new business client. Thanks for making me look like an idiot before a new client Mickeysoft.

  7. tom says:

    "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

    lol that's what I get when I click on the link for Silver Small Business compentency…and it doesn't redirect, that's the only thing on the entire page

    Microsoft has ruined its own partner program…I no longer have the energy to fight the constant bugginess of this website

  8. tom says:

    The partner site has been completely destroyed.  It's flat out unusable.  Links are broken, content is missing, the main login doesn't work for me.  I've given up on trying to complete a competency–it simply isn't possible.  Ironically because Microsoft's management of this website is completely incompetent.  Sad.

  9. Jolynn says:

    I am trying to renew my Action Pack subscription – the links in the new portal keep takiing me back to the old web pages which then link me to the new portal which again takes me back to the old web pages – argh!  Then I got to a page that said my subscription has been inactive for 18 months, which it has not.  It's an endlesll loop!

  10. kenny says:

    I'm getting similar results.  I've been a member for about 2 years and can NOT get to my benefits or software download.  I have always used my company e-mail address and proprietary password to access in the past.  I too get the "windows id can not be found" type errors.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was interested in looking at the revised site, in particular how downloads had been modified since that’s always seemed awkward.  Unfortunately, when I navigated to that portion of the site, I got the following error:

     Error Code: 500


     There was an error when we tried to process your request. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Can’t find what you’re looking for? You’ll find links to our most requested content in the Partner Portal site index

      Want to try again? Press the Back button or visit the Microsoft Partner Program home page.

      If you continue to have difficulties, please visit our Help section or contact us and tell us the details.

    After the above error, I closed the browser and tried again; subsequently I’m getting an ‘IE cannot display the web page’ when trying to sign in (HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed for
    mspartner.microsoft.com/_trust).  I was using Windows LiveID; the integration seems to be a bit strange (it seems to be authenticating to live.com at several points in navigation).

  12. s.mcknight says:

    As a new partner I have found the help given at the regional service center to be proffessional, efficient, and helpfull…Thanks VInce for your tender handling of me and my questions.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Like I said before, the downloads section on this portal really does make things easier.


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