Pinpoint Pointers #8: Check Out the New Pinpoint Partner Center

Posted by Tina Hanson, Partner-to-Partner Lead for the Microsoft U.S. Partner Team.

Tina Hanson (Parkhouse) 2011

I’m excited to introduce the Microsoft Pinpoint Partner Center, a new resource that provides Microsoft partners with step-by-step guidance for maximizing their profiles on Pinpoint. The Pinpoint Partner Center is the result of feedback many partners gave my colleagues and me about the Pinpoint experience. It isn’t just for Microsoft partners who are new to Pinpoint—there’s a lot of useful information for any partner that wants to attract new prospects. Below, I’ve listed the top benefits for both new-to-Pinpoint and already-on-Pinpoint partners. Either way, invest a few minutes and find out how you can make Pinpoint part of your demand generation activities.

New to Pinpoint? Use the Pinpoint Partner Center to:

  • Walk through the profile guidelines and understand how to create a great first impression with your Pinpoint profile;
  • See an example of a well-written Company Overview and use the suggested format for crafting yours;
  • Get answers to the questions most frequently asked by partners.

Already on Pinpoint? Use the Pinpoint Partner Center to:

Many thanks to all of you who shared your feedback about your experiences getting listed and managing your profiles on Microsoft Pinpoint and your suggestions for improvements. I think you’ll be pleased with the new Partner Center. Best of luck with creating your company’s awesome profile!

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  1. Justin Slagle says:

    Thank you, Tina!  This looks like a great tool to show how to create or improve your Pinpoint profile.  

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