How to stay informed as a US partner

imageMicrosoft offers its Partner Network members programs, training, resources, and materials to help them build, sell, deploy, and support their solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies.

To help you stay informed about opportunities, news, recommendations, and programs relevant to your business, the US Partner Team offers you options that include social platforms, email, and blogs. Choose your favorite way (or ways) to get the information you need.

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Online—start with the US MPN portal

imageThe MPN portal is your primary website. The home page provides a digest of news, opportunities, and resources, and US-specific recommendations are published monthly.

Across the top of the portal, you’ll find the most common content topics (Membership, Downloads, Solutions, Licensing, Support, Training, Sales and Marketing, and Community), and within each of those tabs, you’ll find links to most-requested, partner-related content.

If you’re looking for something specific, use site search, located at the top of each page. Results include not only what’s on the portal itself—you’ll also find training results, and results from Microsoft blogs published to TechNet and MSDN.

US Partner Community 

Follow, like, share, comment, and engage with Microsoft and other partners in the US Partner Community, from social platforms you use. We provide regular, just-in-time updates about the Microsoft Partner Network program and benefits as well as partner-related news, information, and opportunities from teams across Microsoft.

US Partner News

The US Partner News is published online. Every Friday, you’ll find a digest of the latest partner-related information, news, resources, and training. You can read the series at, and you subscribe to the US Partner Team with your email address to have each issue delivered to your email inbox.

On the first Friday of each month, as a benefit of your MPN membership, you’ll receive a personalized issue of the newsletter, aligned to the Microsoft Partner Network profile of your company as well as your own Individual Profile.

You may also receive emails from the Microsoft Partner Network programs team about your MPN membership benefits and renewals, and from the Microsoft US Partner Team about benefits, programs, products, and opportunities.

US Partner Team blog

On the US Partner Team blog, you’ll find announcements, guides, and news for US partners. Subject-matter experts from across the Microsoft US subsidiary write guest posts or blog series that align to your membership status, benefits, and Microsoft practice.

US Partner Training

No-cost and low-cost training is offered by Microsoft as a benefit of MPN membership. Microsoft Learning Partners also offer virtual and in-person training that can help individuals at your company increase their knowledge and skills about Microsoft products, to better serve customers.

Notifications about new training offerings, upcoming courses, and training resources are published to our training-specific Twitter feed at and on the US Partner Training blog at

Membership, developer, presales, and product support

imageSign in to your company’s My support benefits and incidents page to see all your support options.

Get unlimited online support for your questions about your MPN membership and benefits; development; presales assistance; and Microsoft products in the Partner Support Community forums, at

You can also access your support options from any page of the MPN portal by clicking on Contact Microsoft Partner Network or selecting Support from the top navigation bar.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to this week’s issue of the US Partner News Online! Each week, we’ll bring you the latest news

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to this week’s issue of the US Partner News Online! Each week, we’ll bring you the latest news

  3. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to this week’s issue of the US Partner News Online! Each week, we’ll bring you the latest news

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