Pinpoint Pointers #4: Make Pinpoint Work for You

Guest post by Tina Hanson, Partner-to-Partner Lead for the Microsoft U.S. Partner Team.

Tina Hanson (Parkhouse) 2011I am delighted to announce five new, interactive webcasts about how to effectively use Microsoft Pinpoint to connect with business customers who are looking for the Microsoft-based solutions you offer. These online presentations are short (the longest clocks in at just 19 minutes), and are narrated by Susan Dumett, the Microsoft Pinpoint Managing Editor, and by me, as the U.S. lead for Microsoft Pinpoint.

Microsoft Pinpoint is an online partner directory--a benefit of your Microsoft Partner Network membership--that helps you create demand. Partners who invest in achieving a Microsoft competency receive marketplace prioritization in search results, meaning that when a customer uses a keyword search in Pinpoint (e.g., collaboration, database, productivity, etc.), the search engine algorithm uses whether a partner has achieved a competency as a weighting factor for prioritizing the list of partners served up to the customer.

Even if you don’t have a competency, though, Pinpoint is a terrific way to promote your business to customers, and I think all Partner Network members should take advantage of this free marketing tool. Taking the time to create a well-written profile from the beginning may put you a step ahead of many partners with competencies who are not currently maintaining their Pinpoint profiles. In my first Pinpoint Pointers post, I offered guidance for partners to help them craft a profile that gets customer attention, and you will also find our new Pinpoint Pointers online series, introduced below, helpful.

Introducing the Pinpoint Pointers Presentation Series!

Whether you are new to Microsoft Pinpoint, or have had a profile up for a couple of years, through the presentations in this series you’ll get information to help you write a compelling profile that gets noticed.

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