Top Ways to Use Your Partner Advisory Hours

Partner advisory hours are used as currency for services offered by the Microsoft Partner Services and Support team to Microsoft Partner Network members. If your company has a Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design subscription, or any silver or gold competency, you receive partner advisory hours as a benefit of that aspect of your membership. Even if your current Partner Network membership does not include advisory hours, you may purchase them. There are several ways for Microsoft partners to use these hours to deepen your Microsoft product knowledge, get expert presales, deployment, and development guidance, and deploy the latest Microsoft products and technologies within your own company.

  • Get Information to Help You Close More Deals. Technical Presales Assistance provides you with competitive insights, feature overviews, and guidance on value proposition that can give you an edge for closing more business.
  • Take Advantage of Deployment and Development Expertise. Use our Advisory Services to obtain guidance for implementation, integration, migration, and deployment that helps you effectively design and deploy your Microsoft-based solutions.
  • Understand the Market Opportunity and Build Product Knowledge. Partner Services and Support offers three kinds of workshops for Technical Enablement:
  • Sell What You Know. Deploy the latest Microsoft products and technologies in your own IT environment using our Get Current services.
  • Get Customized Technical Sessions. Contact the Partner Services and Support team by phone at 800-MPN-SOLVE (676-7658) or by email at to customize a plan that meets your needs.

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