U.S. Partner News for Friday, October 21, 2011

In your newsletter this week, delivered to your email inbox and customized according to your company’s business model and Microsoft Partner Network membership, as well as your role at your company, you’ll find news about the latest release of, and training recommendations for, Windows Intune; a new Cloud Power campaign for small business; a webcast…

Top Ways to Use Your Partner Advisory Hours

Partner advisory hours are used as currency for services offered by the Microsoft Partner Services and Support team to Microsoft Partner Network members. If your company has a Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design subscription, or any silver or gold competency, you receive partner advisory hours as a benefit of that aspect of your membership….


Partnering with Precision: Microsoft Partner Network–Year 1 Reflections

A Blog Series for U.S. Partners by Jenni Flinders, Microsoft U.S. Vice President, Partner Strategy and Programs. Nearly one year into the new Microsoft Partner Network structure that we launched on November 1, 2010, and I’m excited how passionate – and vocal – you have been about the changes we introduced last fall. In comments…

Pinpoint Pointers #2: Product Marketplaces, Powered by Pinpoint

Guest post by Tina Hanson, Partner-to-Partner Lead for the Microsoft U.S. Partner Team. This Pinpoint Pointers blog series is about the customer-to-partner (C2P) connection: helping partners effectively use Microsoft Pinpoint, our technology marketplace and directory of Microsoft technology IT providers offering professional services and software, so customers can find their solutions and connect with them….


U.S. Partner News for Friday, October 7, 2011

Below are all the items we published in this week’s U.S. partner newsletter, delivered to U.S.-based members of the Microsoft Partner Network earlier today. If you feel that the version you received in email, targeted to you according to your company’s partner profile and your role at your company, is missing something critical from this…