Giving Partners a Voice with Microsoft

Over the next few weeks, you may receive an e-mail invitation to participate in the Microsoft Global Relationship Study (GRS). Periodically, we engage an independent research company to conduct this study in more than 100 countries, giving both customers and partners an opportunity to evaluate Microsoft in key areas that include product quality, innovation, ease of doing business, quality of resources, and more.

The GRS is part of the Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) initiative Microsoft has had in place for the past several years. Actively listening to and responding to feedback from our customers and partners at every opportunity is fundamental to the Microsoft mission of delivering software and services that enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. Our success hinges on improving overall satisfaction with all of our products, programs, and services. The Listen and Respond white paper explains how we use the results of the GRS and other mechanisms to shape the way Microsoft does business.

At a personal level, I can tell you that every day, I am in conversations where the partner-related results of the GRS are referenced as a primary factor that helps us make decisions about our plans and business. We anxiously await the scores after the GRS is completed, and many of us not only know the numbers, we also eagerly read the verbatim that respondents include, as those often provide the color commentary we need to better understand what we are doing well to serve our partners today, and where we need to improve.

So, if at the end of September, or in early October, you receive an e-mail from “Microsoft Feedback”,, with the subject line “Help Microsoft focus on customers and partners”, I hope you will take the time to participate, and give us your feedback and comments so we can continue to learn how to better serve our partners.

The Global Relationship Study is not the only way we listen to and respond to U.S. partner feedback, of course. The Regional Service Center, our primary resource for partner-specific support, logs every issue and its related resolution. And in my role as the managing editor of the U.S. partner portal, newsletter, this blog, and our @msuspartner Twitter handle, I see the feedback and comments left here, read and triage the e-mails sent to, respond to the inquiries sent through Twitter, and review all the ratings and comments sent through the Feedback link on the U.S. partner portal. Some days are better than others, but I learn something new every day about our partners that I can share with my colleagues, and that makes it worthwhile.

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Diane Golshan
Sr. Marketing Manager, U.S. Partner Team
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