U.S. Partner Newsletter – New Look and Feel, Improved Relevance

If you have not read the U.S. partner e-newsletter lately, delivered to your inbox on Mondays as a benefit of your Microsoft Partner Network membership, over the past year we have made several improvements to the way content is presented and delivered to you to make it more relevant to what your company does and what you do at your company. Last September, we integrated a Welcome Letter from each Area that offers their recommendations for partners into the first newsletter delivered each month. The response to that change was very positive, as it helped improve your connection to the local Microsoft offices. As part of yesterday’s e-newsletter delivery, we rolled out a new look and feel for the newsletter that also incorporates information about your Microsoft Partner Network membership, and further personalizes your experience.

In the screenshot below of the U.S. partner newsletter delivered to me, you can see how personalization is implemented and how certain identifiers that help us target content are noted so that each recipient understands what is in his or her edition of the newsletter.

  • Geography – my own individual profile shows I am located in Seattle, WA and so I receive Northwest Area/West Region content and am invited to their next partner call on September 17.
  • Program Membership – the new “Your Membership” box on the right-hand side identifies my partner ID, that my company is a Gold Certified Partner and a Small Business Specialist. We also target content to partners who are Online Services Resellers and Action Pack subscribers.
  • Job Role – the role I have set for myself (Marketing) in my Individual Profile on the Partner Membership Center is reflected here, and directly below that statement is a link to my profile if I wish to update my information.


This year, the Microsoft U.S. subsidiary has set forth three principles for all marketers who want to communicate with you, our U.S. partners. These principles are derived directly from partner feedback collected in our Global Relationship Study, e-mail, and video interviews conducted at this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference.

  1. Be More Relevant
  2. Be More Coordinated
  3. Help the Partner Focus and Prioritize

Internally, I am working to encourage marketers to increase their use of targeting in the newsletter to help deliver their content to the partner audience(s) most likely to be interested and engaged. We rolled out a new SharePoint-based internal submission site that will make this easier than ever for them to do, and I am optimistic we will continue to make great strides. As we finalize the transition to the Microsoft Partner Network in October, we will be incorporating more programmatic information (for example, which gold or silver competencies your company holds; your re-enrollment date; etc.).

With today’s refresh, I think we are another step closer to delivering the experience you want, aligned to these principles. We’ll also continue to use this blog, the home page of the U.S. partner portal, and our @msuspartner Twitter handle to provide you with the information you need to build your business and continue to develop your relationship with Microsoft.

Have a topic for this blog you’d like us to cover next? Leave a comment on this blog, send e-mail to partnerQ@microsoft.com, or tweet @msuspartner.


Diane Golshan
Sr. Marketing Manager, U.S. Partner Team


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  1. Rod Taylor says:

    I would sure appreciate you using a larger size font in your Microsoft Partner newsletter.  Not all of us have Superman's microscopic vision.

  2. Doug Rosser says:

    I would sure appreciate a way to opt out of this email. I don't understand how paying for an account earns me the privilege of spam in my inbox.

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