User Profile Analysis for Exchange Server 2010 (Who needs the Exchange Profile Analyzer?)

I recently wrote about gathering user profile data for Exchange Server 2003 and 2007 by using the Exchange Server Profile Analyzer tool.  As a re-cap the EPA tool uses WebDAV to interrogate the mailboxes and generates user profile data, including.. messages sent per mailbox per day messages received per mailbox per day average message size…

Exchange 2010 SP1 /Hosting

This is the process i followed to installed Exchange 2010 SP1 in hosting mode 1. Run the following command: setup /prepareschema /hosting 2. Run setup /prepareAD /organizationName:EXCHANGE /hosting 3. To install individual server roles run:-   a. Run setup /mode:install /roles:HT /hosting /InstallWindowsComponent b. Run setup /mode:install /roles:CA /hosting /InstallWindowsComponents c. Run setup /mode:install /roles:MB…


Cmdlet Extension Agents

This is one of those blogs that it’s worth absorbing.. Using Cmdlet Extension Agents to cause automatic events to occur in Exchange 2010 – life just got simpler! by Pat Richard . Cmdlet Extension Agents are something that will be very new to most Exchange administrators but is something that could make life a lot…

ServerManager Depreciated?

  ServerManagerCmd is deprecated in R2 (we are trying to move away from that model although it still works) See  (The new command is now Add-WindowsFeature) Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith

Exchange 2010 Q&A

Hi   please Join me at this event to talk about Exchange 2010, you can register here


Combined HT and CAS

Take a look at the new guidance for combing HT and CAS and you can install both roles by running /mode:install /role:H,C (nice and easy) Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith

Updated : Exchange version powershell script

Further to my blog post on April 30th, I have updated the powershell script to output in a more usable manner and also detect more information about your exchange servers… ServerName TransportVer CASver StoreVer SERVER1 08.01.0336.000 08.01.0336.000 Not Installed SERVER2 08.01.0336.000 08.01.0336.000 Not Installed SERVER3 08.01.0336.000 08.01.0336.002 Not Installed SERVER4 08.01.0336.000 08.01.0336.002 Not Installed SERVER5…


Free Powershell eBook

‘Effective PowerShell: The Free eBook’ from Keith Hill available on Keith Hills’ blog here . Definitely worth a look……(read more)