Using Word 2010 with TechNet Blog Platform

This is obviously not a post about Exchange Server, but as a blogger I wanted to share this since it's been something that has been irritating me for some time…

Basically I like to write in Word rather than Live Writer. Live Writer is great but I spend a lot of time writing documentation in Microsoft Word 2010 and so that is my preferred writing tool. Most of my blog posts start off life in Word 2010 and then I have to transfer them over to Live Writer to get the content uploaded to my Blog. The problem is that the formatting is often lost during the transfer and I have to spend time trying to make it look how I wanted in the first place… surely there must be a way to get Word 2010 to write to my TechNet blog in the first place? Surely?? J

So… after some searching and some trial and error I have finally managed to come up with a solution to connect Word 2010 with the TechNet Blog platform…

Connecting Word 2010 to TechNet Blog Platform


  1. Open Microsoft Word 2010
  2. Click File -> New
  3. Pick Blog Post from the Available Templates
  4. Word should prompt you to Register a Blog Account at this stage
  5. Select Register Now
  6. In the Choose your blog provider drop down, select Other and click Next
  7. Select MetaWebLog in the API type
  8. Enter your TechNet blog URL with /metablog.ashx tagged on the end – in my case this ends up being
  9. Enter your username and password

  1. Click OK
  2. Your TechNet Blog account is now registered in Word 2010

Hopefully someone else out there will find this useful J

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