Is your E2K7 project in danger of being scrapped?

I’m guessing that over the next few months IT managers are going to be pushing their staff really hard to justify any spend.  ..and projects to upgrade to Exchange Server 2007 are not going to be immune. Clearly to have any chance of getting the go ahead for your deployment of Exchange Server 2007 you are going to need to be able to demonstrate significant advantages of its deployment and that’s going to centre around saving cash…  (incidentally it’s no surprise that 3 out of the top 5 ‘Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Exchange Server 2007’ are based on saving money.)

So I thought I’d put together a few blogs about areas where you can prove that deploying Exchange Server 2007 will lead to saving your boss’ money.

Part 1 (Fewer Servers supporting More Mailboxes)
“OK so it’s one thing being able to say that you can support more for less but it’s another proving it.  So how do you prove that you actually save money by requiring fewer servers to support the same or more mailboxes?”

Part 2 (Make your backups more cost effective…)
“One area it’s worth focusing on is backups.  ..but I wouldn’t tackle backups on their own – I would tackle them in conjunction with your overall plans for compliance and availability.”

Part 3 (Storage)
“Ah yes that old chestnut…  SAN versus DAS – switch to DAS and save a load of money.  It’s obvious right?  Well I’m not sure. This is still a hot topic but the bottom line is that Exchange 2007 now gives us a lot more options about which storage we choose to support our Exchange data.”

Part 4 (Big Mailboxes)
“OK so the idea of big mailboxes has become a viable option for a lot of organisations since Exchange Server 2007 was released and now that we are seeing real examples of deployments of mailboxes of multiple GBs there is more information around to make it more of a comfortable decision to deploy large mailboxes with Exchange Server.”

Part 5 (the Edge)
“OK so I work for Microsoft but hey it’s worth a try …consider the Edge Transport role server as a replacement to other services in the perimeter.

Part 6 (A few last ideas…)
“...a few more ideas that are worth exploring...”

Doug Gowans

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 performance tutorial Update on the recent Norman antivirus engine issue

  2. Flaphead says:

    very topical for me … one is missing … BUDGET constraints and the current Recession

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