MCSTalks Today – Security and PKI

Don't forget to attend the next in the UK MCSTalks series.  Today's topic is 'Security and PKI'..

For details of how to register to listen in go to the 'MCS Talks' blog at; 

This is a list of the sessions:

6th August 2008 Infrastructure Architecture
21st August 2008 Core Infrastructure
3rd September 2008 Messaging
17th September 2008 Security and PKI
1st October 2008 Identify and Access Management
15th October 2008 Desktop Deployment
29th October 2008 Configuration Management
12th November 2008 Operations Management
26th November 2008 SharePoint
10th December 2008 Application Virtualization

The sessions are recorded and are available for download on the blog.  Any questions taken during the sessions are also posted.  If you do listen in and have any comments or feedback please let us know...

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