IT Pro User Group meeting – March 11th

Authentication 2.0 – The old, the bad and the future.   

Businesses typically only secure their corporate assets with a username and password which is pretty much the same as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other cloud-based consumer services. Online banking, which should require the most security, mostly use a username, a password and an SMS One Time Code.

How secure are these forms of authentication in the real world today?

The session with Winfrasoft will explore what’s right and what’s wrong with the authentication world we live in and delve into the issues and risks that YOU face right now. This is followed by a product demo of how you can think about Authentication 2.0 by replacing passwords with patterns and the most common use cases for where you should be doing so.

The session will also cover real world demonstrations and use cases around daily tasks and automation examples.

The community night will take place on the 11th of March at the Microsoft Campus in Bryanston, it will be a 15:30 for 16:00 start, to finish at 17:30.

The agenda will be as follows:


  • Identity and authentication – that they mean in reality
  • 1 FA and 2 FA today – giving away your secret
  • Risks and vulnerabilities
  • Important aspects of the ideal security solution
  • Risk appropriate authentication – introducing 1.5 FA
  • How we replace passwords with patterns with PINgrid
  • How and where you could be use PINgrid right now

We look forward to your attendance and more importantly you participation in the event, with the basic guideline for the agenda it is key for your interaction to make a success of the evening.

Afterwards we will also have a networking opportunity with complimentary drinks and snacks at ‘The Office’.


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