Customers go wild for MOF!

Microsoft PFE Operations Consultants love to talk about best practices, and lately we have had many requests from clients for MOF workshops.

These workshops are aimed at helping a customer’s staff gain a practical understanding of MOF and IT Service Management best practices and the activities that help drive Service Management benefits throughout the operations support functions.

MOF workshops are held over a 2 day period per group or customer, and combine interactive sessions as well as practical examples of each Service Management concept through an online role based simulation included in the workshop.

The simulation allows delegates to use their experience and bring in their own organisations experience to create their own processes to meet the demands of the simulation. As they are introduced to MOF principles these learned concepts can be incorporated to showcase their understanding of best practices. This embeds the importance of the 4 P’s of Service Management (People, Process, Products and Partners) and how these can positively affect the efficiency of any IT organization.

Following the successful delivery of our workshops, our customers recognized the potential benefits of utilizing MOF best practices in their operations functions, and have now expressed interest in gaining assistance from Microsoft PFE Operations Consulting for the following:

  • Specialized workshops that focuses on specific functions within their organizations e.g Service Desk
  • Operational Risk assessments to understand the risks within their operations management processes and practices
  • Creation of Service Catalogues and Service Mappings to properly define IT services and optimize support efforts
  • Documenting Roles and responsibilities and the operational support knowledge generated on a daily basis
  • Further training through MOF workshops for the rest of the organization to improve their understanding of best practices.

Some customers feedback was that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and that the simulation was “Good Fun” and an “Eye Opener”.

Running the MOF Simulation allows customers to see the best practices processes in action, the potential benefits of IT service management and  assist in understanding  the value that IT operations can provide to the business.

 If you would like to hear more about our MOF Workshops, please contact your Microsoft Account Manager, Services Executive or Service Delivery Manager.

 Happy Holidays everyone!

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    Customers go wild for MOF!
    thank you

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