Your New Office – SkyDrive Pro: The convenience of SkyDrive, the safety of enterprise security

If you like the convenience of SkyDrive but are worried about your corporate information being stored on a consumer platform then you're going to love SkyDrive Pro!

What is SkyDrive Pro?

SkyDrive Pro is your professional library—the place to keep your work documents. You can think of SkyDrive Pro as your SkyDrive for business. When you store your files on SkyDrive Pro, only you can see them, but you can easily share them with co-workers and access them on your mobile devices. Your files are safely kept in the cloud with SharePoint Online or on your company’s SharePoint Server 2013 servers, depending on what your company has set up.

SkyDrive Pro lets you:

  • Store and organize your private documents in a secure location in the cloud or on your company’s SharePoint servers.
  • Share documents with other people in your organization and give them permission to review or edit the content.
  • Synchronize your SkyDrive Pro library to your computer or mobile devices so that you can access your documents offline.

Once configured, users are able to begin syncing by simply hitting the SYNC link on the SkyDrive tab of their personal portal. 

Once synchronization is complete, users can see their SkyDrive Pro folder as a favourite in Windows Explorer and can begin working with their documents offline or using the rich Windows Explorer interface to save documents back to their SharePoint or SharePoint Online repository.

Above, is a view of my Windows Explorer favourites. As you can see, I'm using SkyDrive for my personal information and SkyDrive Pro for my business information.

Using SharePoint for storing and sharing documents just got a whole lot easier!


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    Your New Office – SkyDrive Pro: The convenience of SkyDrive, the safety of enterprise security
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