Community Night – November 2012

The November community night will take place on the 13th of November at the Microsoft Campus in Bryanston. It will be a 15:30 for 16:00 start, to finish at 17:30.

The title for November is - To be compliant or not to be… what was the question again?

This session will conclude our three part series around the legal considerations for IT in Business. The first two sessions focussed on the the legalities of moving data to the Cloud, this final session will look at the internal responsibilities that IT have at an Operational level. The session will be delivered by a member of our Premier Field Engineering team, whose focus is on guiding and assisting our customers to implement the correct processes and procedures on a daily basis.


  1. Compliance for IT: where does this come from?
    • External compliance drivers
      • SOX
      • King 3
      • POPI
      • ECT Act
  2. What options does one have?
    • Internal compliance methodologies
      • COBIT
      • ISO
      • ITIL
  3. What does this mean for us?
    • Common implementation combinations
    • Common pain points
    • Measuring success
  4. Where to start?
  5. Why should IT care?

We will cover the basics of what is compliance, where it starts from the business perspective, what IT is supposed to know and/or consider, methodologies Microsoft already have in place to assist, common issues encountered when customers implement frameworks, things to consider when starting an implementation, and why it is important to be compliant.

Same as every month, we will be hosting this event via Lync for those that are not able to attend in person. You will find the recurring meeting invite attached to the previous blog post here, this will save the date of the evening in your calendar until December 2012.

We look forward to your attendance and more importantly you participation in the event, with the informal agenda it is key for your interaction to make a success of the evening.

Afterwards we will also have a networking opportunity with complimentary Beer & Pizza at ‘The Office’.

Cheers, Morgan

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