Introduction to the world of Premier Field Engineering (PFE)

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This is the first of my postings giving you some basics of who and what the Microsoft PFE (Premier Field Engineering) team is and what we strive for. I hope you enjoy the read.

So who and what is this PFE thing I keep hearing about, you ask?
PFE stands for Premier Field Engineer.

So what does that mean?
Premier Field Engineering (PFE) provides Technical and Operational leadership, guidance and mentoring to help Microsoft’s Premier customers around the world realise the full value of their Microsoft technologies by promoting healthy and productive use within their business through onsite, remote, classroom and dedicated support services.

Useful info on PFE’s:
There are approximately 2600 employees that work in PFE in 70+ countries around the world.

The PFE’s focus on all the supported Microsoft technologies including: SharePoint, Exchange, Windows Server, SQL, System Centre right through to the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) consulting. PFE is a global team of seasoned professionals that offer deep Technical and Operational knowledge and expertise to customers as well as serving as trusted advisors to Premier Customers around the world.

The goal of the PFE team is to move from being the “Hero’s” to being the “Mentors”.
We are here to assist in fixing a customer’s problem and improving a customer’s IT and Operational health. Ultimately we want to promote, up skill and train our customers’ internal staff by mentoring them into becoming the heroes themselves.

We assist customers in achieving their technical and operational goals by assisting them with onsite, remote support, classroom based session, chalk & talks, workshops etc.

There are 2 main types of PFE support that we offer Premier customers:
1 – Transactional. These engineers are not assigned to specific customers and deliver services based on the demand from the customers at a specific time. These engagements often lead to a more focused approach from the customer to mitigate the risks that may have been identified during a transactional engagement as well as the customer understanding the need to increase the technical health and operational maturity within their organisation.
Some of these services include:

    1. Proactive Services
    2. Re-active Services
    3. Problem resolution support
    4. Knowledge Transfer
    5. Workshops
    6. Technical Specialist

2 - Dedicated Supportability Engineer. This is where a PFE is assigned to one or multiple customers with a long term strategy and goal in assisting the customer to mitigate risks, increase environment health, up skill staff, provide knowledge transfer etc. This is a more structured approach to assisting customers with resolving multiple pain points over a period of time.
Some of these services include:

    1. Secured Full time annual, 6 month or 3 month basis
    2. Plan, deploy, maintain & optimise premier customer MS Technology
    3. Deliver best practise onsite, advice and guidance
    4. Supportability Assistance and skills transfer
    5. Operations management

What is the difference between Proactive and Reactive Support?

  • Proactive Support:
    • Long term highly scoped engagements with onsite and remote customers.
    • Key offerings:
      • Workshops
      • Technical Health Checks/Risk assessments
      • Operational Risk Assessment Programs
      • Chalk & Talks.
  • Reactive Support:
    • Short term deployments to customer sites
    • Provide excellent onsite and remote support to a critical situation

How do we get hold of PFE’s and their Offerings?
Our services are offered and contracted to by our customers through their Premier Agreements.

One take away I would like you to remember is that PFE is not only used for customer’s technical health and assistance, we also provide governance and best practices assistance through the use of the Operational Consulting arm of our team.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

Until next time, have a super duper day.


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