Windows Server 2012 released to manufacturing!

Windows Server 2012 reached RTM (released to manufacturer) milestone on the 1st of August 2012. We see Windows Server 2012 as a truly game-changing server release and will be instrumental to customers in their transformation towards their cloud computing strategy and journey. The general availability and the global launch will start on the 4th of September 2012. Be part of it! Windows Server 2012 launch page

 Windows Server 2012 delivers value in four key ways: 

 It takes you beyond virtualisation.  Windows Server 2012 offers a dynamic, multitenant infrastructure that goes beyond virtualisation technology to a platform for building a private cloud.

 It delivers the power of many servers with the simplicity of one.  It offers you excellent economics by integrating a highly available and easy-to- manage multi-server platform.

 It opens the door to every app on every cloud. Windows Server 2012 is a broad, scalable, and elastic web and application platform, giving you the flexibility to build and deploy applications on premises, in the cloud, and in a hybrid environment by using a consistent, open set of tools and frameworks. 

 It enables the modern work style. It empowers IT to provide users with flexible access to data and applications anywhere, on many devices, while simplifying management and maintaining security, control, and compliance.

 Look out for some exciting announcements on Windows Server 2012 activities that will be coming to South Africa very soon!

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