Software Assurance benefits–Training Vouchers

Microsoft’s Software Assurance Programme provides customers with a number of training options created specifically for end users who need to sharpen their skills or learn new software, as well as for IT Professional’s to help them efficiently deploy, manage and support the software within one’s organisation.

“SA training programmes lowered costs for both IT staff and user training. When utilised, training vouchers and e-learning programs can reduce IT staff software training by as much as 65%-75%.” - IDC White Paper July 2011 - The Business Value of Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing.

Training can be focussed in two main areas:

  1. End User Training
    End user training is provided online, allowing employees the flexibility of self-paced training options without impacting company budgets. For more information on e-learning options,
  2. Technical Training 
    This is instructor-led and provided by Microsoft Learning Solution partners. Developed by Microsoft experts, these in-depth courses are designed to help IT Professionals efficiently manage ones deployed software platform. To access technical training, the training vouchers will need to be redeemed and the IT staff will have to attend the required courses with one of the Learning Solution partners.
    For more information on using your training vouchers, visit the Volume Licensing portal here.
    To find a Learning Partner to assist with the delivery of the course content, visit the Partner Network here.

Our Learning Solution partners have made available a variety of special offers during the period 1st  June to 31st July 2012. Click here to view the available offers and get the maximum value out of the training vouchers available to you.

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  1. Software Assurance benefits–Training Vouchers
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