Community Night – May 2012

Following our successful April Community night, whereby we had an informal discussion with Aris Stavrou from Rand Merchant Bank, around migration projects and lessons learnt. Microsoft will be hosting the next Community night on the 8th of May at the Microsoft Campus in Bryanston, starting at 16:00.

For those unfamiliar with the principle and reason around Community nights, please review our previous post here.

This month we will be discussing the topic around Architecting for Private Cloud, focusing on Windows Server and System Center 2012. The agenda will once again be an informal discussion with a panel of Architects from the local IT Professional field.

This topic is pertinent, as through the last few months of Private Cloud  IT Camps that Microsoft has hosted, architecture has been a keen discussion point amongst most attendees.

We will have the following panel of experts:

  • Fletcher Kelly
  • France Bester
  • Steven Spirou
  • Jacques Mostert
  • Theo Reddy

Together the panel have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Architecture and Deployment stages of a project. With many of them architecting solutions for large and small enterprises, covering both Client and Datacentre solutions.
To compliment this, we will also hear from Fletcher Kelly around Europcar’s involvement in the Service Manager Technology Adoption Program (TAP) that they participated in. This will not only give a keen view on Service Manager, bit also the basics around participating in a TAP.

To ensure the Community night dates are not missed, one can download the recurring meeting invite attached to this post.

We look forward to your attendance and participation.

Cheers, Morgan...

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    We're definitely going to try make this!

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