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Este blog es ser un punto de encuentro en español, para todos los usuarios de Microsoft Project. Intentaremos ayudaros en todo lo posible y os informaremos de todas las noticias que vayan saliendo sobre esta herramienta.

Vicente Rubio Peinado

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  1. carlos lopez martinez says:

    donde puedo encontrar proyectos de construccion

  2. Jaime Ledesma says:

    At first, I like to comment about using MS Project 2010 as my preferred project planning tool. I consider MS Project 2010 a wonderful tool that includes some of the major benefits a Project Manager can expect to have at hand, such as: flexibility and ease of use, visually intuitive (you can take anormous advantage of it if you have some experience using MS Office products) since it works very alike. The reporting capability now lets you configure your own reports and have information about the project such as those related to resources, costs, budgetting, and so on. Recently, I find in the msd network training about the software that is free!! and takes you from th every beginning in using MS Project if you are new to it.

    Finally, I have found it very useful for collaborative pourposes and also the ease of it to incorporate everything that is needed in a project, so everybody envolved in the project can even use their email as a mean of effective communication. Thank you and good luck in using Microsoft's Project 2010!

  3. Osvaldo Hidalgo says:

    Coincido con el comentario de Jaime respecto a la facilidad de Project, es un software que aunque requiere de licencia, compensa todo con la funcionalidad que ofrece y su facildad de uso para aquellos que se inician en administraciuón de proyectos.

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