Online session: Administering PowerShell in the Enterprise

In a typical enterprise, PowerShell script development is handled at the team level by a small group who express an interest in the technology. Multiply this by the number of teams within an organization, and you end up with a multiple small development efforts, none of whom are sharing their experience and expertise with each other. For administrators trying to manage the array of PowerShell scripts, this leads to some concerns such as:

  • Small isolated pockets of development at the team level; very fragmented.
  • Script code is stored across multiple network shares or document archival systems, leading to poor reusability and difficult searches for known good code.
  • No auditing or accountability; no way to track who wrote what code.
  • No code quality checks (code review) or code development best practices.
  • No way to verify a script came from a trusted source; script signing is either not used or open to the masses.


Bill Grauer to the rescue! Bill is a Premier Field Engineer from the US East coast team, who works with our Enterprise customers and specializes in PowerShell scripting. He will be speaking next Tuesday night (16 July @ 7PM EST) at the monthly online Florida/Mississippi user group meeting. He will discuss a solution to administer PowerShell Scripts in the Enterprise, which helps address many of the concerns and problems described above.

In the session, Bill will describe how to use Microsoft Team Foundation System Azure to act as the central repository for PowerShell code, while providing much of the security, history and compliance requirements that an Enterprise requires. He will also describe how to use Visual Studio 2010/2012 along with a custom PowerShell Patterns and Practices Visual Studio extension which automatically performs quality checks on PowerShell scripts when they are checked into the system. Only scripts which pass these checks are then published to the share and digitally signed.

Wow! This looks like one session which you do not want to miss! Register NOW for the session!

Original content from Bill Grauer; posted by MSPFE Editor Arvind Shyamsundar

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