An easy-to-use dashboard over the SQL Server System Health session


SQL Server 2008 and above provide an amazing diagnostics capability in the form of the System Health extended events session. However, not everyone knows about it – part of the reasons being that there is not a convenient way to visualize the data collected therein.

Our colleagues at the SQL Server PFE Blog, specifically Senior PFE Denzil Ribeiro has made available an excellent set of reports which provide a ‘dashboard’ over the events collected in this session. Key data points covered include:

  • CPU and memory utilization
  • Blocking
  • Long running queries
  • Other data around connectivity etc.

In the download package, they have provided steps to import both the ‘live’ System Health session as well as existing XEL log files. Read the full post here – and don’t forget – the download is at the end of the post!

Linked content from Denzil Ribeiro and the SQL PFE team; posted by MSPFE editor Arvind Shyamsundar

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