Sending consistent responses from a shared mailbox

Mike O’Neill guest blogs on the Exchange Team’s blog (still sporting the wonderfully punny “you had me at EHLO” tagline) on setting up a shared mailbox to send something akin to canned responses.

As a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE), I assist companies with Lotus Notes and GroupWise migrations to Exchange/Outlook environments and have found that different applications act differently. One of the common questions is: Can Outlook/Exchange send canned responses from a common mailbox? The answer is yes, but it is done a little differently than with other products.

The first question is, in the Exchange/Outlook realm, is it possible to have a common response from a single mailbox (sometimes referred to as a ‘repository’) from multiple people? Yes it is possible in Outlook, but several steps have to be setup for this to occur correctly and consistently.

Mike then runs through a bunch of common configuration points which work in concert to produce the outcome his customers want.

So there you have it. Sending a consistent response, from a commonly shared mailbox, using signature files, Outlook client regedit, GPO’s, and a UNC share. Now go out and improve your commonly used shared resource mailboxes and present a stronger corporate image at the same time. Thank you and happy improvements.

It’s all at the post!

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