Fixing the Great Rollback of November 2000, 2012 (and other time rollback problems)

Mark M* has even more information to help you address Active Directory time rollback problems, over at AskPFEPlat. I’ll paste his table of contents below:

Recovering from a time rollback is a complex situation so read each step carefully and don’t skip ahead or you’ll make the problem worse. Also this post is going to be a long one and will probably break the record for additional links so you’ll want to get comfortable.

Here is what this post is going to cover.

How Did This Happen?

What Are The Symptoms?


1.) Correct Time

2.) Check For Replication Errors

3.) Additional Mitigation

Ongoing Tasks

It’s a huge post, with a lot of detail, and a lot of useful (and discrete) blocks of information, and it’s being updated as the situation develops and we learn more.

* (M for Much easier than Morowczynski)

Posted by Tristan “Doctorin’ the TARDIS” Kington, MSPFE Editor

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  1. The other links were intra-document anchors; removed from quoted text. Thanks!

  2. craig says:

    The links above don't work anymore. thank you.

  3. Craig says:

    Correction: The top link only works ("address Active Directory time rollback problems, over at AskPFEPlat".).

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