VDI: Want to jam more virtual hosts in?

What can be said about Jeff Stokes (Dude, where’s my PFE!?) that hasn’t been said before? My money’s on “he’s a beautiful baby sea cucumber.” Actually, I can’t prove that’s never been said, I just suspect not. Strongly.

Anyway, Jeff wants you to be able to squeeze even more virtual desktops into your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Some of the PFEs in that space (Carl Luberti, Tanner Slayton, and Jeff) have built on some community work around a VDI optimizer, which Jeff’s quite enthusiastic about:

For some, VDI is about density: “How many guests can we stuff into a host with performance and user experience still at acceptable levels?”

This script is the clarion call for those, a herald in dark times of performance degradation. It is, the script a couple PFEs wrote…

It makes an image lean but supportable. Fast, quick, usable (of course TEST TEST TEST for your applications and needs).

[Ed: My density is a single host set up for games via RemoteFX (or was, before the upgrade… need to work that out again now, otherwise that expensive video card’s just sitting there chewing Wattage!), but I understand the impetus to make everything as absolutely efficient as possible.4MB saved per machine, when multiplied by 100 machines, is a significant saving!]


Check Jeff’s post out for the details, the script, and check back he’s also posted his decomposition of what it’s doing!

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor and Hyper-V/RemoteFX games enthusiast

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