CRM 2011 Upgrade Best Practices

If you’re looking at an upgrade to CRM 2011, you could do far worse than to check out Shawn’s post CRM Upgrade Best Practices- it’s a smorgasbord of upgrade advice and platform tuning guidance which should make your upgrade a painless and optimized experience! Also, there’s a podcast!

Sean McNellis, Ryan Anderson and I recorded a podcast ( last Friday on Dynamics CRM Upgrade Best Practices.  During the podcast we mentioned that we would be posting a blog article outlining the topics that we covered with links to more details.  That podcast and this blog post are by no means all encompassing upgrade best practices, but are just meant to cover some of the common topics and practices that we have been doing with our premier support customers.

The full post looks comprehensive, but laid out in a very whitespace-friendly, easy-to-consume manner.

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor and part-time crime novelist. Idunnit.

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  1. Indeed it was = second link fixed, thanks!

  2. JLattimer says:

    The link to the full post appears to be broken.

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