Beauty Contest: What’s a good-looking boot?

Well, I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like. And I like it when the boots are short and punchy!

Jeff continues to tell you everything we know: This time, it’s what the goal state of any boot optimization process should look like: a beautiful, fast boot. It’s what you should be happy with!

It’s a question I wasn’t prepared for in class last week, but one that made sense really.  For the IT Pro that doesn’t eat breath and sleep this stuff, what does a good or ‘fair’ trace look like?

Something like this:


What we are looking at here is a boot up that finishes before 45 seconds, with post boot delay quieting in the 60-ish range.  Not bad.  I like getting to a useable desktop in less than a minute, and this boot delivers that.

More Xperf pictures and analysis at the original post.

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor / Loan Shark

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