Xperf Xpertise vs WDIServiceHost

Mark at AskPFEPlat digs into an Xperf startup trace and talks through identification of normal vs abnormal:

In the past, I briefly talked about using the XPERF Services pane and on which to focus, but my guidance lacked clear and concise direction. So let me take another swing at this. First, install XPERF and pull up the services pane. Go back to my original blog if you’re just getting started with XPERF.

In the services pane, you’ll want to look for things that are taking a long time to start or things that seem abnormal. How would you ever know what is abnormal if you’ve never done this before?

Spoilers: he tells you roughly what normal looks like! Want to know what the problem was, and the root cause? Go read the post!

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor and part-time duffel bag

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