Boot Tracing for Windows XP (or: why’s it taking so long?)

Get the impression that PFE work with performance a lot? Well, we do. We try to ensure that whatever we’re thrown at is as optimized as it can be in the time available to us.

Not content to talk about current versions of Windows, Jeff takes a dive down memory lane to cover XP startup and logon performance tracing.

Now, in the modern area of NOWNOWNOW, venerable XP shows some issues here and there with performance.  Perhaps around boot times, or application launch, etc.

This post is an attempt to guide the technician through the oft’ uncharted waters of performance data collection, and provide a good data set that a performance analyst can analyze and determine the golden “Root Cause”…

Our old pal Userenv logging is there, plus Process Monitor and XPerf / XBootMgr, to cover all your base. That are belong to us.

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor and bloop bloop enthusiast

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