Howto: Boot tracing for Windows 7 (so it’s right the first time)

Perf PFE Jeff Stokes provides some simple steps that should produce a good boot trace for a Windows 7 machine.

You have a Windows 7 host that you want to collect a trace from.  A good trace.  One that you know other people will be able to decipher as well as yourself.  Maybe I’ve asked you to collect a boot trace so I can look at it and pointed you to this blog. 

And there are step-by step instructions and pictures and screenshots! Just take my word for it. And a magical “sdf” moment too.

As a bonus, Jeff’s also blogged some instructions for tracing Audio or Video issues on Windows 7 using a similar technique.

Posted by Tristan Kington, MSPFE Editor and all-square fungus

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